3 Ways To Boost Local Business SEO For Free

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is important for all businesses but is often considered costly. For local business, however, you are not competing against companies all over the internet, rather, the businesses near you. We’ve prepared some tips that help you, a local business owner, build up your business’s local SEO, grabbing the attention of local customers.

1. Setup A Google My Business Page

Google My Business allows you to create a profile for your business that is referenced by Google when someone searches online. When a person searches on their cell phone for businesses, companies with a Google My Business page take priority in the search results.

Google My Business Search

2. Run A Groupon Campaign

Groupon allows you to offer coupons, usually a huge discount, to new customers and to attract more people. Some local businesses don’t like Groupon simply because the discount they have to provide is too large to be competitive. Running a Groupon campaign does more than that, it provides you with local SEO. Groupon listing page does very well on SEO and by having a listing on their site you are automatically boosting your results.

Groupon campaigns drive traffic to your website even after your campaign has ended. Past Groupons will still show up on Google if they were successful enough. However, one campaign also sets you up to have people who look for further campaigns, giving you a platform to launch further sales.

3. Create A Social Media Presence

There are a huge number of social media platforms that are open to businesses. Signing up for every platform that is relevant to your local business will help you to build a profile for your business. The more social media profiles that your business has, the higher your local SEO will be. Besides Facebook, Twitter, websites like TripAdvisor, FourSquare, Bing Places, etc. are also very important social media platforms that google search engine considers.

Building up your local SEO is important for any local business. It helps you get noticed in this age of technology. A majority of customers find stores through the internet in the modern world, even local businesses. Utilizing these methods for online advertising and lead generation will help you to get your sales numbers up.

Leads Capture(Don’t waste your local SEO)

Last but not least, don’t waste your local SEO. If you aren’t already, start generating customer lists with their contact information. This way you can start marketing specifically towards customers that want to hear from you. You can have a mailing list sign up both in store and online. Here are two examples that Smiley helps our business partners acquiring leads:

  • Online leads capture
Online leads capture
  • In-store leads capture
In-store leads capture

We’ve talked about why you should run SMS campaigns in this blog, if you’d like to increase local SEO and grow your customers list, Contact us for a FREE demo!

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