Smiley No App Hassles

No App Hassles

No hassles! Your customers receives her own loyalty page via text without the burden of downloading an app.
Smiley Mobile-first Loyalty page

Mobile-first Loyalty page

Since 99% of the customers will see this page on their cellphones, this is mobile-first and helps your customer know her status in your store, i.e. how much balance left, etc.
Smiley Coupons


Your customer knows exactly how many coupons she has not yet redeemed, how many visits left before she could get another reward.
Smiley Share the love

Share the love

Your customer can share her loving feedback for you to social media review sites easily on the page.
Smiley Referral


Loyalty page also encourages your loyal customers to promote your business, she can refer her friends via 1 click on this page.
Smiley Local page

Local page

Everything about your business are on the Local Page that Smiley builds for you, and your customers can get access to that effortlessly here.
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