Marketing automation

Smiley 5-star reviews

5-star reviews

Smiley intelligently guides your adovocates to write 5-star reviews on Google, Facebook, making you stand out against competitors.
Smiley Repeat purchase

Repeat purchase

Smiley's coupon automation rewards a customer for first-time visit, encouraging first-time visitors to become regulars!
Smiley Win-back campaign

Win-back campaign

Re-engage slipping-away customers, making them come visit again!
Smiley Birthday campaign

Birthday campaign

Celebrate your customer's birthday! Send a coupon to the customer before her/his birthday
Smiley Missing call coupon

Missing call coupon

Smiley automatically collects missing-call numbers, then sends coupons to potential customers and prevents them reaching your competitors.
Smiley Loyalty reward

Loyalty reward

Automatically rewards the customer a coupon after every 10 visits.
Smiley Refer-a-friend program

Refer-a-friend program

Make your promoters work! Smiley helps you design a refer-a-friend program that encourages loyal customers to promote your business.
Smiley businesses see increase in their review ratings, repeat visits, referrals, and their revenue increase by 15% on average.