5 Tips to Grow your SMS Marketing List

Many businesses are adding SMS as part of their marketing efforts, capturing leads, engaging your customers, and driving new sales as well as repeat sales via timely coupons and reminders.

According to SinglePoint, 90% of text messages are opened within 3 minutes of being received. Furthermore, according to SAP, 70% of people feel using an SMS message is a good way for an organization to get their attention; 64% of consumers think that businesses should converse with customers more often using SMS. These reports suggest that mobile marketing is an indispensable part of your marketing strategy.

To implement a successful SMS marketing strategy, you need to build and grow your SMS list first. The size of the list has a direct effect on your marketing ROI. Collect phone numbers from your customers using your existing marketing channels. Here is a list of tips you can use to grow the list.

  • Call-to-action text
    Use a call-to-action text similar to this: “Text Start to [YOUR SMS NUMBER] to get coupons and deals via SMS!”

  • Receipt
    Most registers these days allow you to customize what is written on the receipt. Change it to the call to action text.

  • Website
    Add call to action text on your website. Make sure it stands out.

  • Print advertising
    Print in-store boards or flyers with call to action text.

  • Social media
    Post call to action text on your social media accounts in the form of a pinned post or tweet. Make sure it stays on the top so your customers always see it when they are on your social media account pages.

  • Call tracking
    Track calls and text the caller to opt-in for coupons and deals if they haven’t done so.

Remember to make sure that opting out is as easy as opting in. Whenever someone signs up for your list, inform them about how to opt out at the same time as well.

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