7 Tips For Building SMS Campaign Message

As a local business owner, incorporating SMS marketing into your business can be a vital force behind bringing prospect into the store and turning them into your promoters.

If you don’t have an SMS marketing list (customers who have opted-in to receive your SMS messages), you can follow these tips to build one first; otherwise, you should have a sizable list to get started.

Here are seven proven ways to create an appealing and actionable SMS message for your campaign.

Valuable offer

Don’t waste your marketing effort by sending an offer that cannot catch the eyeballs of your customers. Send them attractive offers that you know they cannot ignore.

Start with offer and keep it concise

SMS messages are read 90% of the time within 3 seconds people receiving them, but people also scan them quickly. So keeping the message clear and concise is vital to getting the point across. Start with the offer and avoid using abbreviations.

Store name

Always identify your store in the message to eliminate confusion and the chance that the receiver deems it as a scam. They’ve opted-in to receive your marketing message, so they should be surprised to receive on from you. So make it easy for them to know it’s from you.

Include offer expiration dates

Convey a sense of urgency by stating the expiration date of the offer. People often procrastinate when there isn’t a deadline.

Use URL shortener

If your offer has a link, make sure to use an URL shortener for it to save characters. Shorter URLs not only appears better aesthetically but also have a higher click through rate [1]. If you are using our Smiley app, our SMS marketing platform already takes care of this for you.

Simple call to action

A call to action leads customers to the next step toward completing a sale. Keep your call to action in the message straightforward and easy to follow. For example: “Click here https://smly.us/c123


Personalized messages contribute to a better customer experience. The simple addition of a first name makes the message more alive and less dull. Moreover, segment your customers (ex. by tagging) can further personalize the content. For example, you can send VIP customers different messages than your first-timers. If you are a Smiley client, our CRM system helps you tag your customers and filter them by tags while sending SMS campaigns.

A couple of examples:

Smiley SMS

Smiley SMS


  1. https://eclincher.com/blog/5-benefits-of-url-shorteners-2/
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