Case Study: ann Karen Day Spa

We helped ann Karen Day Spa gain 5-star ratings 5 times faster than before and save their time by digitalizing the intake forms & agreements with their customers.

About ann Karen Day Spa

ann Karen Day Spa is a well-known Spa store in Arcadia, CA. With over 14,000 sq feet of luxury spa, and is one of the largest professional day spas in Southern California. It offers a variety of professional body massage and provides slimming, hands, facial, and skincare treatment.

The challenge

They already have 4 stars on Yelp, but for a company like this, they want better. And because of their abundant traffic, they have to spend a lot of time collecting and managing agreements with their customers. As the number of files grows day by day, paperwork becomes a major overhead. Furthermore, some files are found to be lost or misplaced as time passes.

The solution

Smiley’s check-in workflow helps ann Karen Day Spa not only digitalize their paperwork but also collect electronic signatures.


Smiley has helped ann Karen Day Spa collect over 5000 digital agreements. The company has since gotten rid of paperwork, saving time and money.

Smiley ann Karen Day Spa Case Study

Smiley keeps a history of the agreement forms for each customer.

Thank you, ann Karen Day Spa, for trusting us!

Digitalize your intake form

Spa/Massage intake form from Smiley H on Vimeo.

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