Case Study: Dong Ting Chun

How we helped Dong Ting Chun restaurant increase Yelp rating from 1.6 to 3.1 in just 5 weeks!

The challenge

Dong Ting Chun is a beloved Hunan restaurant in San Gabriel valley. I have been there and the food tastes extraordinary. The restaurant had quite a few of loyal customers; however, it had a four-month slide(July to October) in Yelp rating which was down to 1.6! The owner had no idea why and was afraid that the low Yelp rating would keep new customers away. As a result, she turned to us for help. We told her to keep making delicious food and the rest was up to us.


Here’s the result from November 3rd to December 7th, a five-week period.

Reviews: Since using Smiley, the restaurant’s Yelp rating jumped from 1.6 to 3.1

Feedbacks: Smiley helped Dong Ting Chun gather 167 feedback responses, providing the business with valuable and actionable insights on their customers.

Customers: Smiley’s feedback system captured 214 customer contact information, giving the restaurant a channel to connect its customers.

Thank you, Dong Ting Chun Restaurant, for being our most improved store this month!

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