Case Study: Ironmaya Pet Grooming

How we helped Ironmaya Pet Grooming gain 30 Yelp 5-star reviews, 84 repeat visits, and 53.8% repeat visit rate in just 8 weeks.

About Ironmaya Pet Grooming

Ironmaya pet grooming is a newly-opened store in Arcadia, CA offering professional pet grooming and cleaning services: bath & brush, full grooming, de-skunk, nails trim, ear cleaning, etc. Here is a screenshot of Ironmaya’s Yelp page.

Smiley Ironmaya Case Study

The challenge

Issac has been offering excellent pet grooming service from his garage for a year now. He has steadily grown a list of loyal customers. Not a lot by the number, but the customers just cannot stop raving about how their pets look after a visit to Issac. To him, customer service is king. When he decides to open Ironmaya pet grooming store in Arcadia, CA, he wants to make sure he can have the capacity to satisfy all his customers. Not an easy feat at all!

The solution

Ironmaya used Smiley’s check-in feature to log customers in and automatically send feedback requests to them after they leave the store with their pets.

Below is a screenshot of their check-in page:

Smiley Ironmaya Case Study

The check-in function also allowed him to add specific notes to any pet that required particular attention. Doing so, Ironmaya was able to provide the most personalized grooming and cleaning service they can.

Also, using Smiley’s NPS feedback feature, Ironmaya were able to collect 5-star reviews at a rate they would never imagine while also resolve any negative experiences right from the Smiley SMS dashboard.


In just 8 weeks, Ironmaya gained 30 5-star Yelp reviews, 84 repeat visits, and an impressive 71 NPS. What’s even more amazing is the repeat visit rate: 53.8%!

Smiley Ironmaya Case Study

Now a lot more customers are raving about them.

Smiley Ironmaya Case Study
Smiley Ironmaya Case Study
Smiley Ironmaya Case Study

Here is another screenshot of Issac replying to a customer who had a bad experience directly from Smiley. Not only did he gain another happy customer, but he also identified a part of the business that needed improvements. This could have been a bad rating on Yelp too!

Smiley Ironmaya Case Study

We are so proud to help Ironmaya grow.

Running a local business isn’t easy, and we at Smiley strive to provide the best service we can to help owners achieve their goals.

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