Case Study: Panda Foot Massage

How we helped Panda Foot Massage turn 67 missing calls into business opportunities, add 11 Google/Yelp 5-star reviews, and gain 35 repeat visits in just 5 weeks.

About Panda Foot Massage

Panda Foot Massage is a brand new store located in Downey, CA. They help improve blood circulation, relieve spasm, and provide relaxation through professional massage service. Here is a screenshot from their Yelp page as of today:

Smiley Panda Foot Massage Case Study

The challenge

Panda Foot Massage has a few customers per day, and owner Mr. Dai is also one of the two massage therapists. As a result, he often misses phone calls. Missing calls translate directly to lost customers and revenue. It is a huge problem. Moreover, they have no Yelp ratings nor Google My Business page, which makes it challenging for people to find them online.

The solution

Since they are a brand new store, we first helped Panda Foot Massage create their Google My Business Page. Then they started using Smiley’s missing call track function to keep the caller from turning away to a competitor nearby: Smiley automatically sends a coupon to the caller via SMS if Smiley recognizes the missing call number is from a potential customer (not already a Panda Foot Massage customer). Moreover, using Smiley’s NPS feedback feature, more of their satisfied customers went on to Yelp and Google Review to show their support and content.


In just five weeks, Panda Foot Massage gained 7 5-star Yelp reviews and 4 5-star Google reviews. Moreover, Smiley sent out an impressive 67 missing call coupons. They turned all the missing calls into business opportunities!

Here are some screenshots from their Smiley dashboard:

Smiley Panda Foot Massage Case StudySmiley Panda Foot Massage Case Study

Thank you, Panda Foot Massage, for trusting us!

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