Case Study: Relax Center

How we helped Relax Center located in Brookhaven, GA gain 30 Google/Yelp 5-star reviews, 259 repeat visits, and a whopping 2000% ROI on their first SMS campaign!

About Relax Center

Relax Center, located in Brookhaven, GA and opened in August this year, offers many professional massage services: Swedish massage, Hot Stone massage, Acupressure massage, Thai massage, etc. Its clean and modern facilities are welcoming to everyone who wants to get a comfortable massage.

Smiley Relax Center Case Study

The challenge

Relax Center aspires to become the best massage place in GA, and you can certainly tell when you enter their store. Its modern facilities and a relaxed environment almost prepare you immediately for a phenomenal massage.

Relax Center also has something greater in mind; they want to make sure that their customers not only enjoy the experience but also keeps coming back as well as telling others about them. They want to build a brand that has raving fans all over!

The solution

Relax Center used Smiley’s collect NPS feedbacks from their customers so that they can closely monitor the massage experiences. They also used Smiley’s check-in feature which not only automates feedback invitation process but more importantly, keeps track of repeat visits and loyal customers.

Moreover, Smiley’s NPS feedback system also helped Relax Center gain 5-star reviews at a much faster rate (entirely deserved it).

Relax Center also used Smiley’s SMS campaign feature to quickly send coupons to their patrons, significantly increased the repeat visits and their revenue.


In almost 3 months, Relax Center gained 28 5-star Google & Yelp reviews, 259 repeat visits, and an impressive 90 NPS.

Smiley Relax Center Case Study

But there’s more. Their first SMS campaign last week brought 30 repeat customers and costed only $31 to run. Assuming a net profit of $18 each customer on average; it’s close to a 2000% return on investment!

Smiley Relax Center Case Study

We are so proud of Relax Center!

Running a local business isn’t easy, and we at Smiley strive to provide the best service we can to help owners achieve their goals.

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