Case Study: Sumi Beauty Station

How we helped Sumi Beauty Station better engage their customers, increase the number of Yelp 5-star reviews by 200%, and gained 38 repeat visits in 7 weeks.

About Sumi Beauty Station

Sumi Beauty Station(Sumi) in Hacienda Heights, CA is a beauty store specializing in Eyelash Extensions, Facial Treatment, Semi-Permanent makeup services. Here is their Yelp page as of today:

Smiley Sumi Case Study

The challenge

When Sumi owner Michael turned to us, Sumi was fairly impressive regarding its service satisfaction. The Yelp rating was a terrific 4.7 with a total of 53 reviews. However, they had bigger plans. They needed to make sure customers are satisfied with their service, and they wanted to connect with them on a more personal level. They wanted their clients to become their loyal brand advocates.

The solution

They focused on collecting feedbacks from their customers effortlessly on Smiley. In doing so, they were able to learn which part of Sumi’s service is satisfying to their clients; and which part they need to improve from the negative feedback collected. Moreover, since Smiley uses NPS on feedbacks, Sumi was able to measure the satisfaction level of their customers accurately.


Here’s the result from October 15th to November 30th, a 7-week period.

Reviews: Since using Smiley, Sumi has gained 13 new 5-star Yelp reviews! That’s 200% increase compared to the two months before! They were impressive, but they are even more so now! There are more happy customers talking about them which drives new customers into the business.

Feedbacks: Smiley helped Sumi gather 204 feedback responses, with 35% response rate, providing the business with valuable and actionable insights on their customers.

Engagement: Through simple conversation feature provided by Smiley, Sumi successfully resolved 3 negative experiences and turn the unhappy customers to happy ones.

It takes 12 positive experiences to make up for one unresolved negative experience. (Source: “Understanding Customers” by Ruby Newell-Legner)

Repeat customers: Smiley’s automated coupon offers resulted in 38 repeat visits, increasing customer loyalty.

Smiley Sumi Case Study

Thank you, Sumi Beauty Station, for trusting us!

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