Partner with Groupon

We are partnering with Groupon to bring local businesses new customers and more revenue!

While Groupon brings first-time customers to your business, your real mission with Groupon is to earn loyal customers who are willing to pay your regular prices.

Yet, many have suggested that this mission is impossible because Groupon customers don’t spend much more than the deal value, or Groupon is bad for business because Groupon users are focused on deals, or Groupons don’t make your business memorable.

If you’ve experienced the same, you may have been using Groupon the wrong way.

Of course, Groupon alone cannot make your business memorable! Your business needs to be focused on exceptional customer experience to attract repeat visits.

One of our merchants has provided us the data below.

Smiley CRM

From Smiley CRM Dashboard, you can find all the customers from Groupon. The merchant has received a total of 392 new customers from Groupon.

The number below VISITS on the right side of the table represents the number of times this guest has made a visit to the store. Unlike many “experts” have suggested, these customers from Groupon have made multiple purchases, with the highest visits being 27 times!

There’s something more interesting. The number below the COUPONS on the table represents how many coupons the guest has used. The data shows that amongst their multiple visits, they’ve generally used only 1-2 coupons.


The customers from Groupon are willing to not just visit again but pay you regular prices!

🎉 Yes! This is your ultimate goal with Groupon!

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P.S. We’ve partnered with Groupon, so you don’t need to give half of the revenue to Groupon🤫.

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