Why you should track visitors to your store

Tracking your sales and visitor metrics is an important part of doing business. Businesses who perform data collection have higher sales rates and more satisfied customers altogether. But why do these stores do so well? Why should you track visitors? Keep reading to find out.

Traffic Sources

People arrive at your local business from a variety of sources. Anywhere from word of mouth to recommendations from other businesses. By knowing where your business is coming from you can better target the work of your advertising and stop working in areas that aren’t helping you. Knowing where your traffic sources come from also allows you to thank those who have helped you to get the customers needed to build your business. A simple thank you can help to build a business network.

New Vs. Return Customers

New VS. Return Customers

Data collection lets your local business identify whether customers are returning buyers or new customers. This can be extremely helpful in determining how well you are connecting with customers and whether or not you are providing customer satisfaction.

If all you have is new customers coming to your local business, chances are that you should start targeting ways to bring back customers. There are only so many new customers that your business will be able to attract. This also works in reverse, you need to know when your business needs to start looking for new customers. A failure to attract new customers can be a sign of a variety of problems in your business plan.

Tailoring Products and Advertisements

One of the great things that data collection does for local businesses is that it allows them to know who their customers are, what they want, and how they want it. With all of this information in mind, they can properly target their customers. Customers want advertisements that are actually helpful to them, for example, and the data you collect helps to do this.

Customer Appreciation

Every business has customers that come back time and time again. These are your best customers. They are the ones who will come back and spend money with each visit. These are also the customers that will be your best advertisers. They will recommend to their friends, colleagues, and others that they come to your business. Knowing who these customers are, allows you to identify the traits that make them repeat customers. Taking it a step further to recognize these customers is a great way for local businesses to further increase their loyalty. These frequent customers feel appreciated and as such are further incentivized to return to your store. Their friends will also hear how you are treating them and want to visit your store.

Detailed Information on Customers

It may sound creepy at first to collect information such as your customers birthdays but it allows you to do even more for your customers. With this information you can learn about your average customer and develop targeted marketing to draw in more of the people who appreciate your products or services. This information can also be used to further boost customer appreciation. On birthdays you can send discounts, birthday cards, or other benefits to customers who shop with you. You can also use the information you gather here to target your sales to specific people.

Arrange Employee Scheduling

Tracking the visitors to your store helps you to determine what days and times you are most likely to have larger numbers of customers and when you are less likely to have customers. With this information, you can know how many staff members you need to have on at any one time. Instead of staffing a large number of staff members at all times, you can adjust your staffing in accordance with your customer demand. Many businesses are already doing this. Customer data collection is a useful tool in the modern world and it is pretty easy to start collecting data with all of the tools that are available. You can provide benefits to both your business and your customers. It is important that when you are collecting any kind of customer information/data for your local business that you keep privacy in mind. Collecting this information while keeping it private and spam free helps to develop trust with your customers.

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